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Our Services

Matrrix Advance Steel provides scrap management and brokerage (buying & selling) services for Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals, Cardboard and Paper, Glass, Plastics and Electronics suppliers and consumers.

  • We serve businesses/industries, dealers & individuals
  • Importing & Exporting Services — for international consumers
  • Services rendered in a complete facilities and safe environment
  • Fulfils entire machinery & tools needed - trailers, trucks, van services, roll-off containers, small and large self-dumping hoppers with casters, tubs, drums, and many more
  • Up-to-the-Minute Competitive Pricing
  • Reliable Brokering Services — striving for long-term relationships with consumers
  • Convenient, On-Time Pick-Up and Delivery Service
  • Flexible Payment Terms Negotiations
  • Quick turn around time — on loading and unloading material
  • On-Site, In-Plant Surveys and free quotation preparation

Our Process

Scrap Metal Pickups

For customer who would prefer to have their scrap metal picked-up at their location, we provide pickup service all households, businesses & industries throughout Malaysia. Feel free to contact us to schedule a pick-up for your scrap metal.

We offer 10 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard, 40 yard & 50 yard containers, trailer service, barge service & box truck service; all which are available upon request and we will pickup/deliver directly to or from your location. Upon filling the container, we will dispatch a driver to load your container. Your materials are then weighed and you are paid for your scrap metal.

From old machinery to construction job cleanups, Matrrix Advance Steel offer a great clearing and cleaning services.

Scrap Metal Processing

We process our scrap metal by shredding, shearing and sorting facilities, baling, torching and auto crushing, as well as automobile and appliance decommissioning. Our facility contains an array of processing equipment such as fixed and mobile shears and balers and loading equipment such as material handlers.

Scrap Metal Import & Export Services

Taking the advantage of being near to the port (Port Klang), we export scrap to customers around the world primarily via ships. We also transport scraps via trucks and trailer to achieve cost efficiencies.

We have a strong business relationships with our clients from South East Asia, India, Australia, and China. By shipping to wherever the highest demand for a particular type of scrap may be, we can provide strong returns for customers or other scrap recyclers. For foreign buyer/seller, please feel free to contact us to know more on the unbelievable services we could offer you.