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About Us

Matrrix Advance Steel is the largest scrap metal collector & processor in Klang. We provide a full range of scrap management services and advanced scrap handling equipment for all types of industrial. One of our main aim is to save the earth by concentrating in recycling management services. We are specialist in customizing recycling programs to suit the requirement and need of our clients.

We provide a complete range of recycling services for Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals, Cardboard and Paper, Glass, Plastics and Electronics. Our operations include complete shredding, shearing and sorting facilities, baling, torching and auto crushing, as well as automobile and appliance decommissioning.

Matrrix Advance Steel incorporated in 2005 and with more than 10 years of experiences in metal recycling industry, we are able to provide customized yet comprehensive solution based on your need and requirement.

With more than 10,000 square feet of yard, we are well equiped with complete facilities to handle and process scrap metals.

  • Offer a safe, ecological responsible operation
  • Developing quality management systems
  • To provide competitive prices and honest weights
  • To ensure Excellency in customer service

  • Providing ecological operation by adhering Government rules & regulations
  • Providing quality management system by implementing computerized management & up-to-date facilities
  • Providing unbelievable prices by studying the current market trend & competitors
  • Providing excellent customer service by having trained, skillful and knowledgeable staffs
Key Personnel: Mr. Karthigean

Mr. Karthigean is the Founder of Matrrix Advance Steel. He has more than 10 years of experience in scrap metal collection and processing field. With proficient knowledge and management skills, he has been handling thousands of scrap metal recycling projects with success.

Key Personnel: Ms. Sarasvathi

Ms. Sarasvathi is the co-founder of Matrrix Advance Steel. She has more than 8 years of experience in recycling management. She is specialist in customizing recycling projects based on clients requirements and need by understanding their operation and industry.